Who are we?


HotVisitor.com is a privately owned company, based in Toronto, Canada and in Israel.


It was founded and is run by veterans of the High-tech and Internet related industries.

From our experience in marketing and sales, both online and offline, we noticed that live interaction is significantly better than the alternative of filling out a "contact us" form and waiting for an answer. In the online world, the importance of "conversion rate" and ROI on advertising is also a key factor. We realized that live interaction can significantly improve the Internet ROI, yet many companies do not implement it due to the complexity of standard solutions and a need to have a dedicated staff member, dealing with the leads.

Our goal was to present a new approach, which allows people to continue with their current work, not hire anyone else, yet interact with potential customers on the web. We also wanted our solution to be extremely simple to implement.
The result, is the HotVisitor live interaction system, which is a great live interaction system, offering chat, SMS, voice and email connectivity - all hiding behind a simple button a website.


What does our solution include?


The HotVisitor live interaction system includes: Live Chat, SMS, Phone Calls and emailing system all together. We also provide detailed statistics that will help you track and improve your online revenues. On top of that, we offer Premium services which help you organize and operate your business efficiently. One example is interaction archiving, in which we store all your discussions with customers in a single database includes Chat transcripts, SMS messages, Calls (yes, we can record them) and emails. There's lot's more.


Who are our customers?


We provide our services to two types of customers:



The Internet Business websites can now offer their members live chat/SMS services without requiring them to be logged into their website (this increases their daily availability time significantly).

The company websites can now offer their visitors live chat/SMS without the need of installing software or hiring dedicated staff. Our solution is aimed for web pages who do not have many daily visitors - but each visitor is important!