How it works?

Adding your "Hot Button" is as simple as using the copy-paste functionality on your PC. You just copy the button and paste it anywhere you choose. If simple copy-paste doesn't work, then in some cases, you will need to use an HTML version of the button.

Get your "Hot button"

Paste your button anywhere you want

One "click" on the button connects to
your instant messenger

Types of "Hot Buttons"

We have two types of Hot Chat Buttons: Availability buttons, and Graphic buttons.


Availability Buttons


Availability buttons are button that changes according the the your instant messenger online status. If you are currently online and can accept incoming chats, a "online" button is presented. Otherwise, it is possible to show an "offline" button, or show no button at all.


Example for an availability buttons:



Animated Version:



Availability buttons can be placed on any webpage that accepts simple HTML. For example: Craigs List ads, Blogs, Profiles, etc.


Graphic Buttons


Used for Email signatures or documents. This button does not indicate availability (this is because the button is stored in the document, and not loaded when the document is reviewed). When the reader clicks on the button, a webpage opens and he/she can chat from that webpage.


Although it is 'static', it is possible to use also animated buttons in email signatures. An example for such a button: