Frequently Asked Questions

How does the HotVisitor service work?

HotVisitor's service works by providing a new and exciting way to communicate with your website's visitors. The service is enabled by adding some HTML scripts to your website. Once added, you can engage in live, real-time chats, SMS or calls with people visiting your ad or website. You can be reached on your favorite instant messaging program either from your computer or from your mobile phone. If you are not available for a chat, users can send you an SMS or call you.

What's the difference between HotVisitor and other Live Chat providers for businesses?

Most of the solutions available today have been designed for companies who attract many visitors to their website and employ full time operators to support them. These solutions require a software installation on the operators console, and operators need to be trained to use them.

Unlike those solutions, HotVisitor is focused on providing live interaction to companies who don't attract a magnitude of visitors to their website. For these companies, every visitor is important and may be an existing or potential customer. Our solution is designed to help such businesses enjoy the benefits of instant interaction without investing in costly systems, training and hiring operators.

To ensure availability without a dedicated operator, HotVisitor's system can reach employees on their pc's or on their mobile phones. They can be reach on their instant messengers or by SMS or phone call to their mobile phone. We monitor their availability and direct the website visitor to whoever is available to answer.

What's the difference between HotVisitor and other Live Chat providers for large websites such as dating sites and social networks?

Most of the solutions available today require both people to be logged into a website in order to allow them to chat together. This is a very limiting constraint that reduces the availability of each person only for the time he is in the site and therefore limits the interaction between site members.

Unlike those solutions, HotVisitor eliminates this constraint by allowing members to be contacted also when they are not logged into the site, but through their instant messengers and mobile phones. This is done without revealing their contact information to the other person and maintaining their privacy.

HotVisitor also differs by the scale of the solution, which is designed to support very large sites, with 100K's of members.

How do I get started with the HotVisitor free trial?

To get started, simply click the "Free Trial" button our website. After filling out the free trial form, you will have immediate access to your online account. During your trial you have complete and full access to our services. After the trial period ends, if you choose not to continue, simply remove HotVisitor's code from your website. No obligation or commitment is required.

I don't know HTML, can I still get your solution?

We can help you put the code in your site. For this, we will need you to provide us with the username, password, and URL of your site. We can then access the files and put our button in for you. We provide two options: a. Automatic insertion – our system can place the button automatically. The button will float over your site, in one of the sides. This is a FREE option. b. Manual insertion – our staff will access your files, and embed the button for you in the site. You will be charged for our professional services separately. For your site's security, we delete your access details once we are done. However, we also strongly recommend that you modify your username/password after we complete our work.

Why does HotVisitor call itself a "software on demand" service?

HotVisitor is part of a new breed of software applications that are offered as a service. Often called "software on demand", or "software as a service", these applications do not require you to download or install any server based software. HotVisitor maintains all the servers, the databases, the network infrastructure and backups in a secure, hosted environment. Software on demand services offer tremendous benefits to you as they significantly reduce the costs and burden of maintaining your own server software and such a complex solution by yourself.

I've seen a lot of "live chat" vendors, why should I choose HotVisitor?

HotVisitor provides phone calls, SMS and live chats without any software installation on your PC, nor any training is required. You can interact from your computer or from your mobile phone. It is focused on webpages which do not have a lot of daily traffic, and therefore can't justify a full-time "agent". We are the optimal solution for low-traffic cases, in which the persons answering the website inquiries can maintain their current roles and life-styles. Our solution also includes advanced lead collection and archiving, and visit analytics which can significantly help you improve your business initiated by visits to your website. It is an overall solution for boosting your business – not only providing chat….

What if I don't use an instant messenger today?

You have two options: a. Use our system to interact via phone, SMS, and email. b. Download an instant messenger. If you have a Gmail account, you just download GoogleTalk. If you have Windows installed, just use MSN Messenger.

Can I place your button in several places?

Yes. When you get a HotVisitor button, you can place it in different places, as you wish. Your only limitation is the chats and views that are included in your service plan. The only draw-back is that all the statistics and leads from this button are presented as if it was on a single page. If you own a business and want to separate products or websites, and improve your ROI for each – then you will need to order several buttons.

Will HotVisitor work if I have a firewall?

The HotVisitor Desktop Application is 100% firewall friendly. To all proxy servers and firewall applications it looks just like a standard web-browser when communicating with the HotVisitor servers. For this reason, no required system configuration changes are needed.

Why do I need to pay for a visitor's call?

We need to pay the telephone and mobile carriers for the calls and SMS messages. We don't know your webpage visitor, and therefore need to charge you for the call/SMS cost. A free call is also a great motivator for people to contact you. Think of it as a 1-800 toll-free number from your website.

Does HotVisitor work on a Macintosh or other non-Windows environment?

Yes. We work on a web-browser which supports Flash, and on your instant messaging software.